Get to Know More About CCIE Security Certification

What are the most important components to businesses today? Well that can vary by industry but I think the most important components for businesses to protect today can be summarized as follows:

Financial Data

Intellectual Property

Back in the beginning of the dot com boom a lot of the virus’s and attacks were created to be problematic to businesses. Today most attacks are focused more on gaining access to Financial Data or Intellectual property. This is why it is SO important to have a solid Network Security Strategy in place today.Having a successful Security architecture within an IT organization is crucial to protecting both Financial Data and Intellectual Property. To be successful in doing this, organizations need to have Security engineers that can design and control the implementation of Security practices within the organization with the latest security technologies and techniques to be one step ahead of those that would like nothing more than to gain access to these critical business resources. This protection is often an oversight by many organizations and not taken seriously enough until it is too late.IT Security always begins with the network infrastructure. Controlling what can be accessed, where it can be accessed from, and who is allowed to access it all begins with the network securely controlling this.How do organizations and individuals know the best practices for Security implementation? First they need to be aware of what is available and second how to implement it. Both of these can be attained through the industry recognized pinnacle of knowledge, the Security Cisco Certified Internetwork Engineer or “CCIE Security” certification. Organizations that have a CCIE Security engineer and individuals that have take the time and focus to achieve this certification gain the knowledge of important Security practices and understanding of the various aspects required to protect the key business components of Financial Data and Intellectual Property.What knowledge does one gain through CCIE Security certification? The following are a just a few key principles learned:

How to successfully protect the Network with the Advanced Security Appliance

How to successfully protect the Network with the IOS Firewall Features

Implementing the Intrusion Prevention System to spot network attacks before they occur

Designing and implementing a Secured Infrastructure using data encryption, VPN Services, to protect company property.

Implementing Identity Management to control who, where, and to what an individual may gain access to when connected to the network.

Securing access to network equipment and implementing practices to keep the network up and running

Advanced Security techniques for protecting the network and access to resources

In the event of an attack, a knowledge of how to detect and implement new security policies to protect the network.


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